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Media relations

Azat Hakim intends to service old Yak-42 and VIP helicopters.

As it became known to Business Online Kazan company Tulpar Technic has opened a maintenance station at the Simferopol airport to maintain Yak-42 and AgustaWestland AW139 helicopter that is a rare aircraft for Russia. In Kazan Tulpar will also maintain Airbus Helicopters that arequite rare for the local market. Meanwhile, experts point at the decline of European helicopters delivery to Russia, on the other hand they believe that Tulpar is unlikely to get any penalties for performing works in the "occupied" Crimea.

More than year news from the Ukraine is gaining our attention, and society becomes more and more convinced that America is to blame. Why is this happening and who benefits?

Contrary to sanctions: the transatlantic aviation market giant Rockwell Collins selected Kazan company as its partner.

As it has been known to Business Online Kazan Tulpar Interior Group signed a dealership agreement with one of the world leading manufacturers of aircraft avionics - US company Rockwell Collins Inc. Tulpar will manage Volga region and the Urals as Rockwell Collins partner. Experts point out that the cooperation with Rockwell Collins is not only prestigious, but also potentially profitable activity.

A few days ago I returned from my trip to Crimea, where I was reconciling duty and pleasure for several days.

In his interview to KazanFirst Hakim told about the Tulpar history and subtle details of aviation business, how aircraft crashes influence development of business transportations and why Russian companies shouldn't be afraid of sanctions of the West

In the estimation of the famous Tatarstan aviation businessman extreme shortage of pilots might be solved by developing the course credits system.

“Pilots manpower shortage has been discussed during 5 or 6 years, but no efforts are made yet” the head of Tulpar holding Azat Khakim noticed. Breakdown of the manpower development system resulted in severe shortage of high-qualified pilots. The salaries now are many times greater than that of European level, but there is nowhere knowledgeable individuals could be found. Special for BUSINESS Online, Azat Khakim shares with his approach to solving the problem. .

The Kazan company of Tulpar holding has signed an agreement with Jet Aviation Moscow Vnukovo. Tulpar Interior Group entered into the agreement with Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) provider Jet Aviation Moscow Vnukovo.
According to the agreement, the Kazan company will service Jet Aviation on business jets interior re-equipment and repairatVnukovo-3 airport, a Jet Aviation overhaul base in Moscow, as reports.

Establishment ofseveral profiled companies is a result of 20-yearefforts. As time has shown, running organizations that arediverse but interrelated within a group is justified.

As it has been known to BUSINESS Online the management of TAIF first in Tatarstan decided to buy helicopter model which is still not very familiar to Russia - an updated Augusta-Westland-139 model. It is very comfortable (if not to say luxurious), the powerful and technically advanced aircraft at the approximate cost of 13 million euros. Tulpar Helicopters, the company of famous Tatarstan businessman Azat Hakim, will be operating this helicopter.

His holding company specializes in all-inclusive air service providing ticket sales, aircraft maintenance, interior manufacture, and aircraft lease and air transportation. Hakim is sure he can take an advantage of the crisis and come out of it even stronger..

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