Расположение блоков газоснабжения в грузовой кабине вертолета


Расположение блоков газоснабжения с наружной части фюзеляжа вертолета


Расположение блоков газоснабжения в грузовых (укороченных) створках вертолета


ERADS (САП.4011.000) is designated for helicopters Mil Mi-8; Mi-8AMT; Mi-8MTV-1; Mi-171; Mi-172 (and their modifications) operated overwater and based near coastlines of open or protected waters. ERADS allows aircraft to ditch and stay afloat during the time it takes for enrollment of floating crafts and evacuation of crew and passengers.

ERADS consists of main and nose floats and two fuel units. Main floats are fastened on the main axle-arm; nose floats - on the fuselage forebody. Fuel unit consists of two bottles fixed on a frame. Fuel units are fastened in the left cargo half-door on the seat-box or on the starborad near the 5H-frame.

Performance characteristics

Max. take-off weight

up to 12,500 kg

Helicopter staying afloat

min. 30 min

Weight of ERADS

265 kg

Operational temperature

from -20°С up to 50°С

Lowest operational use temperature

from -40°С up to 50°С

Water surface

up to 4 points; up to 2 points (if one section failed)

Touchdown sinking speed

up to 1,5 m/s

Level speed at water touchdown

up to 35 km/h

Float filling time

max. 10 s

Float overpressure

15 kPa

Volume of nose floats

2 х 1,83 ± 0,05 m3

Volume of main floats

2 х 6 ± 0,3 m3

Operating fluid


Pressure-filling of the unit

20,41 kPa

Filling control


Max. weight of helicopter in event of aircraft ditching

13,000 kg

Lifetime between overhauls

5000FH or 1 routine activation

Assigned lifetime

10 years

Maintenance check

floats (main and nose)

fuel unit


1YE during lifecycle

No (during lifecycle)