10 January 2019

MC “Tulpar Aero Group” Ltd. is an Authorized Dealer of KRPC “Helicopters-Mi”

MC “Tulpar Aero Group” Ltd. has become an Authorized Dealer of Joint Stock Company “Kazan Research and Production Company “Helicopters-Mi” (KRPC “Helicopters-MI”) for the sale and distribution of Auxiliary Fuel Tanks ВДБ.6130.000 and Emergency Response Aquatic Deployment System (ERADS) САП.4011.000, that are used on the Mil Mi-8 helicopters. Dealership agreement was signed at the end of December, 2018.

Kazan Research and Production company “Helicopters-Mi” performs the following modification services on helicopters Mil Mi-8; Mil Mi-8AMT; Mil Mi-8MTV-1:

  • installation of AFTs (ВДБ.6130.000);
  • installation of ERADS (САП.4011.000).

Safety, simple design, useful position and increased in-flight time are the main advantages for helicopter owners for using AFTs. You can learn more about AFTs and ERADS here.