21 February 2019

The production of Tulpar Aero Group was presented to the President of the Republic of Tatarstan

An exhibition of regional aviation enterprises took place today at Karaishevo private airfield (Laishevsky district, Republic of Tatarstan). The event was visited by the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov and Senior Vice-President for Operational Activities of Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Konstantin  Timofeev.

The exhibition has widely presented capabilities of Tulpar Aero Group. Tatarstan President has made aware of Tulpar Interior Group aviation production and development project of Tulpar Aero Group facility. Construction of new hangar complexes is necessary for providing increasing services such as modernization of helicopters and mass-production of interiors and components thereof for Russian aircraft i.a.w. the import substitution program. Rustam Minnikhanov, Konstantin Timofeev and Azat Khakim have discussed cooperation of Sukhoi Civil Aircraft and Tulpar Aero Group in interiors production for SSJ-100 aircraft.

The exhibition has also presented a cooperation of Tulpar Technic (an independent MRO provider) and Laishevsky Technical School. Since 2014 these entities have successfully run a joint educational project. For the moment 109 interns have been trained under the program “Aircraft & engine maintenance”, and 20 interns – under the program “Aviation Equipment production and maintenance” (TOP-50). For the last year 36 students have completed their internship at Tulpar Technic. Vyacheslav Dunin, General Director of Tulpar Technic: “Today our aviation industry is facing a shortage of qualified personnel, including engineering and maintenance staff. Therefore we engage students in aircraft maintenance activities. And as we see, such a cooperation with technical schools and universities is giving positive results”.

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