29 May 2019

KRPC Helicopters-Mi and Tulpar Interior Group at the exhibition

Today, a single exhibition of products by Tatarstan’s enterprises took place during the visit of military attaches from more than 50 countries. The exhibition was held on the territory of the Kazan Higher Tank Command School with the participation of military attaches from France, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Israel, Ethiopia, South Africa, and other countries worldwide.

Kazan Research and Production Company "Helicopters-MI" and Tulpar Interior Group Ltd. presented a range of services for the modernization of Mi-8, Mi-8MTV-1, Mi-8AMT helicopters and their modifications, including:

·         helicopter fuel system upgrade (installation of auxiliary external fuel tanks ВДБ.6130.000),

·         helicopter emergency and safety system upgrade (installation of emergency response aquatic deployment system),

·         helicopter cargo system upgrade (installation of SLG-300, external load suspension),

·         helicopter interiors upgrade.

The products of the companies aroused great interest among the guests of the event.


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