Tulpar Interior Group performs aircraft interior refurbishment i.a.w. the effective certificates:

  • slide maintenance;
  • fixing of decorative overlays;
  • laying of anti-slip coating;
  • replacement of door opening shells;
  • plastic glueing;
  • wrapping of panels (washboards, inter-window panels, ceilings) with faux leather or decorative film;
  • panel paint by “spraying” and polymer paint of metal parts;
  • repair or replacement of ceilings (including honeycomb panels);
  • mounting of dividers;
  • cutting and overlocking of coverings;
  • mounting of “soft dividers”, sewing of curtains;
  • upholstering of any seats;
  • repair and modification of galley equipment etc.

Tulpar Interior Group also performs:

  • aircraft paint refinish;
  • printing of official information, logos or inscriptions with paint or tape;
  • working up of aircraft design;
  • working up of design and color scheme of upholsteries, carpets, curtains etc.;
  • supply of carpets or original fabric;
  • producing of seat covers from domestic or offshore materials.