14 September 2021

Tulpar Technic and Kazan International Airport conducted an excursion for the students of the Engineering Lyceum

Tulpar group of companies is actively working to instill the interest of the younger generation in aviation and aviation specialties. So, on the Kazan International Airport birthday eve, Tulpar Technic and the airport conducted a career guidance excursion for the students of the engineering lyceum.

The excursion began with an acquaintance with the "inner kitchen" of the airport. Students visited the terminals, learned about aviation professions and the work of airport services. Airport employees spoke about the development of civil aviation in the Republic of Tatarstan, about the history of the Kazan aviation harbor. Young aviators checked in for the flight and went to pre-flight inspection, where they were shown the work of inspection equipment in the search for explosive devices, weapons and ammunition, and they were also able to try themselves in the role of inspection inspectors.

Further, the students visited Tulpar Technic aircraft hangar, where, listening the stories of engineers about the design features of airliners. They learned a lot of interesting things about the work of aviation technology, and also were able to try themselves as pilots: sit at the helm, get acquainted with the instruments and take interesting photos.

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